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Kenneth R. Bank
Dearborn Vacuum
1941 -

Kenneth R. BankKenneth R. Bank (Ken) was born to Herman and Josephine Bank on July 5, 1941, in Detroit, Michigan. Ken’s father established Dearborn Vacuum Company, Inc. in 1956, and Ken began working at his father’s vacuum store in 1957. Ken was only 17 when he started selling vacuum cleaners.

In 1973, after working side by side with his father for 16 years, Ken’s father retired and Ken took over Dearborn Vacuum. Ken was relentless in his devotion to the vacuum business. With unwavering commitment and service to the industry, Ken continued to own and operate Dearborn Vacuum until his retirement in 1988. At the time of his retirement, Dearborn Vacuum was a million dollar business. Ken’s sons now carry the torch ignited by Ken and his father, with eight stores in Michigan (Banks Vacuum Superstores) and three in Florida (Tops Vacuum & Sewing).

Ken is enjoying retirement in Florida with his best friend and wife of 44 years, Beverley. Ken has three children (Kenneth Jr., Gregory and Pamela), and six grandchildren (Catherine, Vanessa, Caitlin, Nicholas, Julian and Rachael). Ken’s favorite pastimes include spending time with his grandchildren, playing cards in Las Vegas, selling real estate in Florida and “talking vacuums.”

2006 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee