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Cecil W. Archer
Airway Sales and Service
1919 -

Cecil Archer photoC.W. Archer of Airway Sales and Service in Garden City, Georgia, has been selling vacuum cleaners for more than forty years. After serving on the front lines in WWII, C.W. returned to the United States and began his career of in-home vacuum cleaner sales.

In the early 1940’s, sales were difficult. He had no means of transportation, except his feet, but those feet took him a long way. C.W.’s faith and belief in himself carried him many miles, door to door, toting his vacuum cleaners. Although he wore holes in his shoes, his determination and spirit kept him selling. Day after day, he remained steadfast in his efforts.

His early efforts and determination paid off. C.W.’s enthusiasm for the vacuum cleaner industry and his sales skills have brought him a great deal of success — not just in high sales volume, but in recognition by his peers. He has receive numerous plaques and awards during his direct sales career. At age 76 he continues to call on homes door to door.

As head of Airway Sales and Service, C.W. oversees five sales people selling both domestic and commercial equipment to homeowners, offices, hotels and restaurants. C.W. has an inventory of parts to fit almost any vacuum cleaner imaginable and the experience and expertise to provide unsurpassed customer satisfaction.
In his more than forty year career, C.W. has been a tireless promoter of the vacuum cleaner industry, encouraging new salespeople and dealers to enter the business he loves.

1996 Vacuum Hall of Fame inductee