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Al Allstadt
Al's Vacuum
1945 -

Al Allstadt photoAl Allstadt and his wife Karen started Al's Vacuum in 1973 after purchasing a load of Kirby vacuum trade-ins from Karen's father, Joe Morris—a South Dakota Kirby dealer. Once this first batch of vacuums was tuned up and polished, Al had all he needed to open the doors of Al's Vacuum for the very first time.

Since that day, Al has grown his operation considerably and Al's Vacuum is now known throughout Minnesota as THE floor care superstore. Al's success in the vacuum business has not been without its struggles; overcoming an Eminent-Domain claim by the City of Bloomington early in Al's career allowed Al's Vacuum to establish itself as a pertinent, valuable member of the Bloomington business community and the single-store location now sits squarely in the Lyndale Avenue business corridor which runs through the heart of Bloomington, MN. The last four decades of retail sales have been clouded by wars, economic recession, global unrest, terrorism and any other number of factors that could leave a small business owner feeling less than encouraged but though the years, Al continued to persevere and succeed by focusing on two key things: treating the customer the way that he would want to be treated and by selling good-quality products.

Al is an innovative and forward thinking owner-operator and over the years has made significant contributions to the vacuum industry. Al has served on several advisory boards for industry companies and has helped numerous entrepreneurs start their own Independent Vacuum stores—allowing the industry to grow and continue on in the hands of a new generation of business owners.

Al's commitment to business, family and community are some of the things that have attributed to his success over the years. As a former school teacher, Al knows how important it is to support your local community and how in doing so, your local community can support you. Al has seen his former students become his satisfied customers as well as loyal and trusted employees over the years. Countless contributions to the academic and athletic departments of Bloomington Public Schools have helped Al become recognized as a community leader. Al's reputation as an honest man of the highest integrity comes not only from his colleagues and associates in the industry but from the thousands of customers Al has served in Minnesota and beyond over the last four decades.

Al's passion for the industry and his faithful service as a small business owner will undoubtedly lead the team at Al's Vacuum to new levels of success as the Bloomington vacuum shop heads into its fifth decade as an industry leader.

Al wishes to thank all of his faithful employees and friends in the industry, his two daughters Kristin and Robin and Karen, his best friend, wife and business partner for all the love and support.

2014 Vacuum & Sewing Hall of Fame Inductee