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SEBO America

German engineered and manufactured, SEBO has long been a leading producer of professional vacuums in the U.S. SEBO America was established in 1999. The company was founded as a joint venture between Stein & Co., who is the manufacturer of their products based in Germany, and Windsor Industries, the exclusive U.S. marketer of the commercial version of SEBO products. Windsor has been selling SEBO commercial vacuums for about 27 years. Today, SEBO America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stein & Co.

Prior to the establishment of SEBO America, Windsor Industries had a Consumer Products group selling vacuums through Sears and some other limited retail outlets including a handful of vacuum shops. With the founding of SEBO America in 1999, they embarked on a strategy of focusing on vacuum shops as their primary channel. This has proven to be a very successful strategy for them.

Sold under the brand name Windsor, SEBO’s vacuums may be found in most hospitals, schools, colleges, airports, hotels and at many of the most prestigious addresses such as the White House, the U.S. Capital, most major resorts in Hawaii and Las Vegas and at most of the top hotels run by such names as Marriott, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton and Hilton.

SEBO’s household line of upright and canister vacuums are sold exclusively through independent vacuum shops and specialty retailers under the brand name SEBO.

SEBO vacuums, while not a household name among consumers, is well known for many of the features commonly found on today’s modern vacuum cleaners. Features such as the detailing wand and hose, electronic bag light, high-efficiency filtration, clutch-protected belt system, and sealed by-pass motor systems were first introduced to the upright vacuum market by SEBO over 27 years ago. Today, they make the only upright vacuum that features electronic automatic height brush adjustment, and their canister models have incorporated many of the great features found in their uprights.

SEBO America has enjoyed fast growth through their relatively short life. Since their beginning with just one product and two models, they have added new products continuously and now have seven products with a total of 16 different models.

SEBO’s success is based on the execution of several things: a world-class quality product which already enjoyed a tremendous reputation and market share in the commercial market, the quick establishment of a very supportive vac shop dealer network, an operation in customer service, order fulfillment and warranty processing that is second to none.

While SEBO has been one of the great innovators in the vacuum cleaner business over the past quarter of a century, SEBO vacuums are known most for their uncompromising quality and incredible durability. If there is such a thing as a vacuum cleaner that is dependable for life, SEBO has defined it.