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When the Miele Company was established in 1899 in Germany, its founders believed that success was only achievable in the long term by being totally convinced of the quality of one’s product. To this point, Miele elected to produce appliances that were both durable and long lasting, in other words, a quality product rather than an inexpensive or disposable one. Almost 107 years have passed and the patriarch’s mantra, Immer Besser (translated as Forever Better) continues to represent the guiding principle and very backbone of Miele – the largest family-owned and operated appliance producer on the planet.

In the worldwide floor care industry, Miele products are noted for their powerful performance, advanced filtration, brilliant design and enduring quality. These hallmarks are a byproduct of one of Germany’s most respected group of engineers and designers working at Miele’s production facilities located in Gutersloh and Bielefeld. In those locations, Miele’s research and development team conceive groundbreaking innovations that transform a vacuum cleaner from a commodity to a beautiful design piece – one that is acclaimed in the American press as being “an object of desire” and the “Benz of vacuums.”

Beneath the surface, Miele products are quality through and through. Thanks to what is referred to as a vertical integration production strategy, Miele controls the entire process at its factories. For the very few parts that are not made by Miele, stringent quality control mechanisms are in place when selecting and retaining vendor partners. The quality control labs at Miele operate totally independently from the production line, so that a clear and unbiased inspection is made of each and every product that is manufactured. Again, at Miele it’s not about getting the part a nickel cheaper. It is all about producing the very best vacuum cleaner that retail dealers are proud to sell and customers are happy to own for a lifetime.

Today, the Miele Company distributes its products and services on five continents through 36 wholly-owned subsidiaries with additional countries being serviced by 120 import partners. With over 14,800 employees, annual worldwide sales in excess of $2.26 billion Euro and huge innovations on the horizon, Miele continues to enjoy growth and profitability at all levels.

Distribution in the United States began over 20 years ago and is supported by modern facilities, factory trained technicians and a total workforce of more than 350 people. Six Miele owned and operated product showrooms service key metropolitan areas to support its retail dealerships and consumers. Showroom facilities are located in Beverly Hills, Boca Raton, Chicago, Dallas, Princeton and Boston. Additional showrooms are operated by highly respected and valued long-term distribution partners (Sierra Select, LUWA, ProLine and Kimball). These facilities provide further reach for the brand in San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake City and Denver.

Because Miele produces a wide variety of household appliances including cooking products, dishwashers, washers and dryers and an innovative line of commercial equipment for scientific laboratories and the dental industry, its vacuum cleaners constantly have exposure to a huge network of prospects. The brand is built in the United States, as it has been and will continue to be around the world, using a slow, managed growth business model. Matter of fact, when addressing a U.S. press group in 2002 at the launch of Miele’s Aluminium canister vacuum cleaner – a celebratory product commemorating the company’s 75th anniversary in vacuum cleaner production – the late Rudolf Miele was asked by a reporter if he would accept a 50,000 piece order from a well networked big box store. Mr. Miele’s response was quick, clear and concise. It’s not about a one time 50,000 vacuum order for Miele, he said. It is about striving to sell half that amount, while remaining profitable and true to the promises we have made to our many business partners.

To this day, Miele remains steady on its strategic plan to grow the business with integrity. Quality of product and brand-centricity are at the center point of this plan. With an expansive floor care product assortment, which includes canister and upright products, Miele’s U.S. Product Development and Sales Groups continue to leverage the worldwide strength of Miele in order to offer its American retail partners unique products that will help expand and differentiate their businesses in the midst of an increasing competitive marketplace.

If you would like additional information on Miele products, visit www.miele.com  or call 1-800-843-7231.