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Lindhaus in conjunction with its parent company, Rotafil, is a family-owned business located in Padova, Italy, approximately 30 miles west of Venice. Rotafil started in 1965 as a precision machine shop. Within a short time it began to specialize in making parts for electric motor winding machines. This specialization led to full time motor manufacturing for many applications such as high end dish washers, chain saws, commercial bread machines and door openers just to name a few.

The Lindhaus vacuum cleaner division was started in the mid-80s with one goal: engineer and build the best domestic and commercial vacuum cleaners in the world. While Lindhaus is a powerhouse in the commercial arena, they have continued to design and pursue the household vacuum cleaner market worldwide with the same commercial technology learned in the preceding years.

In 1992, Lindhaus opened a warehouse/office facility in Minneapolis, MN, to distribute domestic and commercial vacuum cleaners to the North American market. Due to the huge growth of the company Lindhaus USA has increased their office/warehouse space moving four times in the past eight years, the newest facility having been acquired in July 2005.

The diverse line of Lindhaus products range from domestic and commercial single and dual motor uprights ranging in size from 12” to 20”, backpack system, canister power-team, central vac power nozzles, and a wide variety of accessories and hard floor cleaning tools. Lindhaus also features a full line of highly effective cleaning solutions including the Pure Power Dry Carpet cleaning compound, Ultimate Stain Remover, Pet-stain & Odor Eliminator, and a concentrated solution for extraction units.

All Lindhaus vacuums feature the highest filtration levels, quiet operation, geared belts, and aggressive brush roll action ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 rpms. Another popular feature on the Lindhaus vacuums is the dry carpet cleaning capability making it extremely easy for the customer to clean and sanitize their carpets and upholstery.

Lindhaus continues to make strides in developing new and innovative quality vacuum products for today’s demanding market.