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Grand River Rubber & Plastics Company

Founded in 1976 by Robert Jessup, Stephen Knowles and Richard Selip through the purchase of the Ashtabula Division of Geneva Rubber, Grand River Rubber & Plastics Company has grown to employee over 200 people with sales in excess of $34,000,000. Selip, still active in the business believes the company is successful because they strive each day to help their customers succeed. They work to be sure that the customer needs them as much as they need the customer.

Grand River Rubber & Plastics is dedicated to being the premier producer of flat belts for the floor care industry. Their belts have proven field performance in OEM and after market applications. Manufacturers throughout the Americas and Asia count on Grand River Rubber & Plastics to supply high quality belts for demanding applications.

Grand River Rubber & Plastics Co. provides product for extractor units as well as canister, hand held and upright vacuums, including self-propelled units. Their capabilities and services include complete lot traceability from raw material to finished product, extensive design support, material selection and development along with surface printing and lot identification.

Grand River Rubber & Plastics is continuously working on their material and process to assure maximum field performance. They believe the following sets them apart from their competition:

Compound composition – Starting with the right rubber compound is critical to meeting the demands of a flat belt application. They have spent the last seven years developing and benchmarking materials for flat belt applications.

Optimization of crosslinking – Starting with the right compound is critical, but optimum cure times and temperatures are also extremely important to belt performance. Numerous studies have and continue to be performed to optimize these parameters.

Control of dimensional characteristics – Grand River Rubber & Plastics utilizes statistical process controls (SPC) to maintain industry-leading tolerances. Their quality systems are certified to ISO9001/2000.

Dedicated belt manufacturing cell - Grand River Rubber & Plastics has dedicated a manufacturing cell to producing the highest quality flat belt products. Through continuous reinvestment and investigation into new equipment technologies, they have built a state-of-the-art production line. Their capacity of 200,000 belts per day allows them to easily supply large volume parts.

Tension testing – Maintaining a consistent tension result is important in flat belt applications. Tension testing is an integral part of their quality control and development program.

Life testing – Grand River Rubber & Plastics has life test fixtures compliant to ASTM F555 specifications for new product development and ongoing quality assurance.

Stalled brush roll testing - Grand River Rubber & Plastics conducts stalled brush testing by several methods according to customer procedures. They have developed products that meet the toughest OEM stalled brush life requirements.

You may visit the Web site at www.grrp.com  or contact Shawn Pace, Sweeper Belt Product Manager, at space@grrp.com  with your questions and comments. Grand River Rubber & Plastics Company can be contacted at P.O. Box 477, Ashtabula OH 44005-0477; phone 1-440-998-2900.