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Cleveland Wood Products

Cleveland Wood Products was founded by Carl Soros in 1937. During the 1930s, Soros made a number of attempts to start a woodworking business on the west side of Cleveland. Initial products centered on cabinetry for the newly emerging commercial and residential refrigeration market. But the Depression was a tough time for industrial entrepreneurs like Soros, and his efforts resulted in a string of financial setbacks. Finally, with mounting personal debt, he risked all to buy equipment and take on a contract to turn spindles and textile machinery components. It met with success, and in 1937, this enterprise became Cleveland Wood Products.

During World War II, the company added wooden baby carriages to its product lineup, a move brought on by the need to conserve metal for the war effort. It was also in these early years that the firm started to manufacture the wooden dowels, or cylindrical centers, or brush rolls for vacuum cleaners. Northern Ohio had been a center of vacuum cleaner innovation and manufacturing for 25 years. The area was home not only to The Hoover Company, GE, Royal Appliance, and Filter Queen, but to Jim Kirby, then working with the Scott & Fetzer Company to produce Kirby Model C.

In its past, CWP has grown through focusing on one industry cluster, vacuum cleaners, which had its technical knowledge center in Northern Ohio. The location, culture, and relationships played to their knack for personal service, creative exchange, and team-based problem solving.

Today CWP leads the industry by supplying the largest variety of high quality, American-made, direct fit replacement brushrolls and floor care products. CWP brushrolls are available for immediate delivery from the stock of your national wholesalers/distributors.

CWP’s newest product addition is the Carpet Daisy line of floor care products. The Carpet Daisy brush is designed specifically to achieve superior carpet cleaning results with a variety of low moisture cleaning products. The Daisy’s simple and convenient design creates a hassle-free alternative for deep cleaning high traffic areas, individual rooms or the quick touchup before company arrives.

The entire Daisy product line, in addition to CWP’s line of Disk and Cylinder Replacement Brushes for commercial floor machines, can be purchased online by visiting www.cwpfloorcare.com  or by calling toll-free 1-888-445-3038.
CWP Technologies is located at 3871 West 150th Street, Cleveland, OH 44111; phone 1-216-252-1190.