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An electrical supplier that's committed to your success

Avnan not only offers OEMs innovative, cost-effective electrical components that meet the highest quality standards, we provide end-to-end solutions that take your order from the initial design phase through final delivery – looking after inventory, distribution and warehousing management along the way.

Avnan logistics programs are geared towards helping our customers find hidden value in their supply chain, consolidate vendors, reduce administrative costs and optimize their manufacturing model. We offer a full range of solutions to reduce complexity and provide supply chain peace of mind.

Avnan design and manufacturing services focus on producing custom solutions tailored to meet your specific needs, schedule and budget. From standard electrical cables to complex assembly prototypes, we'll supply the parts you need. Some of the ways in which we maintain the highest quality standards include:

  • Qualified engineers and designers
  • The 5-Gate Product Development Process
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • The Avnan Guarantee

We take pride in our development of strong, long-term partnerships that make our customers' success a top priority. In fact, we believe it's the very key to our success.


Custom electrical parts and assemblies
Avnan has been a leading global supplier of electrical components to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for more than 20 years. Since our beginning as a supplier of HVAC and central vacuum components, we've steadily extended our capabilities to meet our clients' needs.

Design, production and supply solutions
Operations managers choose Avnan for our custom engineering solutions that include design, manufacturing and management of inventory logistics. After designing your electrical components to your exact specifications, we offer significant cost advantages through our manufacturing facilities in China.

Extensive range of ISO 9001 quality products
We remove the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors because we design and manufacture a full range of parts and assemblies, including electronic controls, printed circuit boards, wire harnesses, power cords, capacitors and more.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, we're committed to the highest quality standards, which include our 5-Gate Product Development Process, qualified engineers and the money-back Avnan Guarantee.

Inventory logistics expertise
We help you reduce your supply chain costs with end-to-end solutions for your inventory, distribution and warehousing management. Whether order-to-order, vendor managed inventory, kanban or consignment, you can benefit from a simplified logistics process, increased cash flow and an optimized manufacturing model.

For more information go to www.avnan.com or contact us at info@avnan.com to find out how we can provide end-to-end supply solutions for your business.