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Sunday, March 25 − SHOW DAY 2

8 AM - 9 AM Room 201AB
Central Vacuum Technical Theory
Central Vac Education Track

Instructor: Grant Olewiler, M D Manufacturing
In the third session of the COMPLETE Central Vac Edu-cation Track, learn the technical theory of central
vacuum systems. Understanding technical theory will improve your understanding of central vacuums overall!

8:45 AM - 9:30 AM Room 210
Navigating the Waters of Online Marketing
Instructor: Josh Sutherland, Sew & Vac Media
Do you feel like your website is under-performing? Frustrated with Google rankings? Has your social media presence stalled? Attend this seminar to find the answers to these questions.

9 AM - 9:45 AM Room 202AB
Everyday Embroidery Sales with OESD
Instructor: Tamara Evans, OESD
Learn how to merchandise your store for more embroidery sales every day. We will discuss product and sample displays, product assortment, managing design collections, and more.

9 AM - 9:45 AM Room 204
Hide-A-Hose 101
Instructor: Rod Drivstuen, Hide-A-Hose
Hide-A-Hose president Ron Drivstuen will lead a great discussion on how to grow your business with the
Hide-A-Hose Retractable Hose system. Rod will cover installation, marketing, and pricing strategies. Hear valuable input from experienced Hide-A-Hose dealers as well.

9 AM - 9:45 AM Room 205
Improv Piecing and Matchstick Quilting
Instructor: Kelly Nagel, Sulky of America
Learn the fundamentals of improv piecing including tips for visual appeal and stabilizing fabrics - no pattern needed! You will also learn the basics of matchstich quilting for a truly modern look.

9 AM - 10 AM Room 206
Striving For Excellence …The Key To Superior Customer Service
Instructor: Tom Hudgin, President, Wilmington
Quality Associates
Here today, here tomorrow is everyone's dream for long-term business success. To achieve this goal, you must be superb and passionate in beating your competition and becoming the best in customer service. This is critical not only to survive in today's challenging economy but to be on top. This presentation describes effective techniques in developing a superior customer service image at little or no cost. Topics include five ground rules for a superior customer service team, ways to exceed customer expectations, fixing problems two ways, asking for constant feedback from customers, determining what your customers value most, getting rid of your telephone menu system, and figuring out why customers go to your competition.

9 AM - 2 PM Room 209 AB
YOU Can Create an Online School & Course!
Instructor: Cindy Cummins, DIY Style
Online courses are HUGE in the DIY space (Craftsy any-one?!). Have you thought about creating your own How-To courses online but have no idea where to start? This hands-on workshop is for YOU if you're ready to take your business to the next level with online instruction. An Online School is a great way to house your classes for instructor-led "live" workshops too. We will introduce you to an easy-to-learn LMS solution, instructional development, how to structure content, video capture, and more. We will set up your online school and framework for a mini-course. **Laptop required.

9:15 AM - 10:15 AM Room 201AB
Central Vacuum Sales and Marketing
Central Vac Education Track

Instructor: Grant Olewiler, M D Manufacturing
The finale to the COMPLETE Education Track, learn how to put central vacuums in the hands of customers who may not realize how great a central vac can be! With expert sales and marketing advice, you'll be selling more units in no time!

10 AM - 10:45 AM Room 205
SCHMETZ Needle Education
Instructor: Rhonda Pierce, Euro-notions
Do you customers have questions about needle choice?
Feel confident in your answers by taking this class.

10 AM - 10:45 AM Room 202AB
In-Store Embroidery Education with OESD
Instructor: Jordan McCroskey, OESD
An in-store embroidery education program encompasses both employee training and consumer education.
Learn how to ensure your employees are fully trained to teach, troubleshoot, and sell embroidery while also developing a series of classes to ensure your customers are completely confident in their embroidery skills!

10 AM - 10:45 AM Room 204
Keep Up - Do You Know What Your Customers Really Want to Embroider?
Instructor: Deborah Jones, The Embroidery Store / DIME
Times they are a'changing, and this holds true for
today's embroidery trends. Do your classes and machine demos feature what your customers want to embroider now? Take this class to freshen your machine demonstrations, embroidery club meetings, and event offerings.

10 AM - NOON Room 208A

No Progress Without Change: A Vacuum and Floorcare Panel
For the second year, a panel of vacuum dealers and experts is back! This FLOORCARE panel and open
forum will discuss and present answers directed at the core of our changing world. Floorcare consumer needs are changing, the floorcare market is changing, so how do we as dealers progress? This panel will provide the tools and knowledge to turn change into progress -
and ultimately profit. Panelists include:

Jeremy Chavis – Faribault Vacuum
Evan Strittmatter – Indiana Vac / Pittsburgh Central Vacuum
Christopher Blakeman – Blakeman's Sewing & Vacuum
Sandy Berkshire – Stuart's House of Vacuums
Denise Rairdin – Windsor Vacuum
Josh Sutherland – Sew & Vac Media

Moderator Josh May, Tacony Corporation

10 AM - 10:45 AM Room 203A
Establishing an Employee Training Program
Instructors: Connie Fanders and Christy Burcham, BERNINA
One of the biggest struggles in running a retail store is finding the time to properly train employees. We will discuss strategies for implementing a training program that works. We will also demonstrate the features of the BERNINA Learning Center.

11 AM - 11:45 AM Room 204
Garment Sewing Means More Profit with The Fit Doctor!
Instructor: Judy Kessinger, The Fit Doctor
Give your customers a different look at garment sewing
and dispel their anxieties about "the fit" with Judy Kessinger, The Fit Doctor. In presenting the FitNice System, made available to retailers wholesale, fit meets fashion and your store meets more profit. "Easy" and "simple" are the key words that will entice garment sewists to flock to your shop, and Judy will help you keep them coming back.
Even learn how you can hire Judy for an event at your store!

11 AM - 11:45 AM Room 202AB
Stabilizer Mastery with OESD
Instructor: Tamara Evans, OESD
This course will cover how to become a trusted embroidery advisor. We will discuss how to recommend the right stabilizers and products for your customer's projects as well as how to troubleshoot common embroidery problems. Learn about the new stabilizers in the OESD line and how to sell them to your customers. We will also review in-store merchandising options to maximize revenue per square foot.

11 AM - 11:45 AM Room 205
Clover Professional Series: The New Buying Criteria
Instructor: Steve Butler, Clover Needlecraft Inc
Price, price, price. Because of significant competitive pressure, both products and services have become commoditized. In most industries, price has become the sole buying criteria. What can independent sewing dealers do to counter this threat? What is the next economic value beyond goods and services? Experience is the new buying criteria, the decision driver of what to buy and from whom to buy it. Come explore ways to leverage the new buying criteria to grow a profitable business.

NOON - 12:45 PM Room 202AB
Bring New Life to Your Embroidery Events
Instructor: Tamara Evans, OESD
Learn tips for hosting successful and profitable embroidery events that will spark excitement and enthusiasm about embroidery in your store. Learn about eventing options from OESD and how to prepare, promote, and execute your own events. We will also discuss how to keep customers coming back after the event is over to generate follow-up sales.

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM Room 206
Retaining Key Employees...Creating A Self-Motivating Work Environment
Instructor: Tom Hudgin, President, Wilmington
Quality Associates
Inspired, driven, and talented employees - it's every company's most important asset. Your top-performing employees will help your company survive the toughest economy. That's why it's critical to ensure that you are taking the steps to hire the right people and retain these key employees for the short and long term. You cannot tell people to be motivated, but you can create a work environment that fosters self-motivation. This informative talk shows you how to do just that. Examine the thought processes and emotions of key performers who stay versus those who move on to what they see as "greener pastures." Get advice on hiring strategies and motivational techniques to build the loyalty necessary to ensure key employees stay and thrive.

12:30 PM - 1:15 PM Room 204
Free Motion Mastery in a Month: Machine Quilting Success for Your Customers
Instructor: RaNae Merrill, RaNae Merrill Quilt Design
Free-Motion Mastery in a Month is a wonderful sales incentive for customers buying or upgrading a sewing machine for quilting. Free-motion quilting can be frustrating to learn, but with this step-by-step system, your customers will be confidently quilting any design at the sewing machine in less time than they ever imagined possible - 30 days! Come see how it works! Certified Store & Certified Teacher programs available.

12:30 PM - 1:15 PM Room 201AB

Zone Cleaning with Central Vacuums
Instructors: H-P Products Staff
Are you looking for a new way to promote and sell central vacuums? Have you tried the zone approach? H-P Products is pioneering the concept of zone cleaning for central vacuums with its SmartZone Vacuum System™. Attend this seminar to learn how selling cleaning solutions for each zone of the house (kitchen, bath, laundry, whole-house, etc.) is the smart way to promote central vacuums and close more sales!

Beginning 5:30 PM
VDTA/Epstein Charity Fun Night
Everyone welcome! Come participate at a table, spin the wheel, or watch and enjoy!
Fee is $100 to play, tax deductible. For a $20 donation you can also spin the prize wheel and receive a great item! And don't forget...spectators watch for FREE! Come support a great cause: The VDTA/Epstein Scholar-ship Fund for our industry's college-bound youth!